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Today I want to share with you some of my recommended business/financial apps/cloudware. ( I don’t sell or get any credit for sharing with you any of these). If you have a favorite tool you’d like to share with me that you don’t see here, please comment below!

Xero is beautiful cloud based accounting software, some prefer QBO or freshbooks. You’ve got bank feeds, invoices, payroll, inventory, bank reconciliation, multiple customizable reports etc. It also has the ability to connect with millions of add on apps. They are having a special sale right now too at 50% off!

• Hubdoc
What is the #1 business clutter? Receipts! And we all know you are supposed to keep them for your business. Hubdoc is amazing, you can snap, email, or scan and store your receipts here as well as other important docs and hubdoc is great because it will connect right to your bookkeeping software. “ Turn Paperwork in to Data you can use. Hubdoc extracts key information from your receipts, invoices, and bills. No more data entry, no more filing. Hubdoc automatically pulls your bills and statements into one secure hub. This means you have one login to view and manage the documents from all of your accounts”

• Smartvault
Smartvault is all about securely sharing files. Clear the desktop clutter! SmartVault delivers all the benefits of a cloud drive, but with best-in-class security and productivity features you need to run your business. Get a secure online document storage system for all your files.

I need a budget, you need a budget…we all need a budget! This may be the most well known and used budgeting tool out there, at least among my circles. Get out of debt, save money, take control of your finances. And it comes with a one month free trial to boot. It syncs to your bank feed, has a handy app for on the go, goal tracking, progress reports, great support and more.

• Mint
Mint links to your bank accounts, gives you a full breakdown of your financial health, including how much money you have stored in your bank accounts and how much debt they have to their name. The app creates budgets for you based on your previous spending per category (e.g. food, entertainment), and notifies you when you go over your limit. The app also lets you check your credit score inside the app for free. The app is free for iOS and Android users.

• Digit
For people who have long struggled with saving money, Digit is a smart choice — the app helps you save money without forcing you to think about it. The app connects to your bank account and analyzes your spending habits. Then, every few days, it takes a small amount from your checking account based on its estimate of how much you can afford to put in a Digit savings account. You can withdraw from the Digit account as much as you want (it will take one day for the money to transfer.) You can also earmark your withdrawals with info on what you are using it for.

I do have a free offer for new clients, it ends on December 31st. A free subscription to HubDoc ($240 yearly value of receipt and document management).


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