Mamas, I’ve been listening to what you’re asking for and I am so passionate about helping you! But I recently realized that what you often need the most is bookkeeping strategy and I haven’t been putting that on the table lately.

I know that you started your business sometime in the last year and while you’d love to hire a full time bookkeeper, it just isn’t in the reality of things yet. I get that.

But I also know you need help. You have questions.
Questions about:

*How to set up your bookkeeping best for tax purposes.

What kind of software is going to best serve you.
You’re keeping your receipts, but what do you do with them?
What the heck is reconciliation>why & how

             How much should you be setting aside for your taxes?


And so much more!

I want to share with you, just like I’ve been sharing with other mompreneurs over the past few weeks, the answers, the tips, the tricks etc. to all your questions.

You are going to get clarity in your bookkeeping system, strategies to implement, and best of all: stress relief. It is true! Isn’t it time for some peace of mind?

And a special bonus, for anyone who hops on a strategy call with me, I am offering $20 off a bookkeeping setup.

Schedule now!